scia Batch 350

scia Batch 350 homogeneous coating of 3-dimensional substrates in one batch

scia Batch 350
coating of 3D substrates in one batch

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)

The scia Batch 350 is designed for homogeneous coating of several 3-dimensional shaped substrates in one batch. Typical applications are biocompatible films for medical objects. The scia Batch 350 uses an RF parallel plate arrangement with rotation of each substrate for a homogeneous coating of all sides. The system is also available with an additional DC bias applied to the substrate holder.


  • Two independently operating opposite RF electrodes
  • Coupled or decoupled operation mode of electrodes
  • Deposition on 3D-substrates in batches
  • Homogeneous gas inlet with gas shower near discharge area
  • Substrate holder with DC bias

Principle of Operation

Principle of scia Batch 350

Principle of scia Batch 350


  • Biocompatible films for medical objects (e.g. pacemakers and stents)

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